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Erwin Raphael McManus : No Talk of Calvary in Calgary

Erwin Raphael McManus : No Talk of Calvary in Calgary
My Review of 

 Mr. McManus, a man well acquainted within the emergent movement (1) has recently released a 30 minute film called "CRAVE: Calgary" that is meant to be used as an outreach tool to appeal to every human being's soul cravings. Mr. McManus is the tour guide (narrator) as the audience visits a town called Calgary, Alberta where the questions asked of its inhabitants are meant to string together various cravings of the soul leading them to their thoughts on God. Among many other problems I will list below, the biggest is the lack of a Gospel message. Jesus does not appear to be the focus of this film, instead we have the average post-modern appeal one could expect from a guy involved in the Emergent movement.

 Here is my review with times (if one chooses to follow along):

1:36 -  "Each city has it's own essence, it's own soul"  - This might sound figurative but I point the reader to this: here (2)

1:40 - He states that we learn about who we are when we come together. This is far from the truth and only applies if somebody is giving a non-believer the Gospel and informing them of their sin condition and need for a savior.

1:47 - "We love coming together, we need to come together" - If he is referring to "In Spirit & Truth unity" then amen, but his record and the context of non-believers being addressed would show that is not what he is referring to.

2:07 - "What brings us together?" - The focus is on coming together yet again.

5:40 - "We may disagree about the answers. . . . Buddhist, Christian" - this is a trademark of the emergent camp to dialogue in a very post-modern manner.

7:42 - What we have learned this far into the video is that Calgary like many other places has no shortage of very confused people. It breaks my heart to know that he never gives them the Gospel through out this whole short documentary

7:50 - This appears to be in the form of automatic painting and music, could this be the case? I'll let the reader weigh in: "Surrealist Automatism" (3)

9:35 - "Imagine a world that never existed yet we made it"   -  Very blatantly trying to replace God with man. 

Most of the people who respond seem to be rooted in a lot of new age thinking.

17:31 - The need to connect? Why not the need for a savior because we are on a one way track to hell because of our sin. Why not share the love that Jesus demonstrated on the cross. Instead once again is focus is on mankind connecting, very reminiscent of a one world system in place.

24:27 - Once again no pointing to the salvation through Christ, Jesus.

25:07 - Mr.McManus overly uses the term "intrinsic" to identify people as almost neglecting the sinful nature or that non believers are in fact children of satan  and enemies of God.

26:19 - As you will finish out this short documentary you will see that "karma" is never really addressed in light of Biblical truth and more importantly about the the cross of Christ.

26:39 - Power/ energy - very new age if some readers thought I was exaggerating earlier.

27 - "God is in me, in everyone / surroundings" - This poor girl is so lost and is believing the lie of pantheism, yet no hope as she will not here the Gospel in this documentary.

Please pray for all of these people involved in this film that they have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

28:44 - "Our universe inside of us most profound exploration, important place to discover" - Man is glorified instead of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We keep hearing that the answer is inside of us, this has been his same message since he first started.

28:59 - Trying to find our journey home ? Unfortunately much of the world including McManus has believed the lie of universalism. Aside from salvation in Christ there is no other way for your residence to be with the Lord. 

29:03 - We ultimately belong to each other -  We are left with no Gospel and instead a message that points the audience to look within and to others instead of Jesus.

  A short video dealing with people who are lost and hearing the Gospel and showing their need for a savior would have made for a great great 30 minute short documentary, but instead we get a very New Age "let's all come together" style documentary never honestly giving the answer which everyone needs: Jesus.
  Please pray on for Erwin and the individuals in this short documentary. People need to hear about Jesus and His substitutionary atonement (dying in our place); giving us an opportunity to repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness by trusting in the finished work of Christ alone and His rising on the 3rd day proving deity.

For further reading on book reviews or concerns with McManus please visit:
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2 - Carol Brooks, "Erwin Raphael McManus and Mosaic",

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