Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thus Saith the Rick: Rick Warren and the Bloggers

Editors Note:
Due to the frequency of undivine revelations coming from the lips of the notsomighty Rick Warren and the way that people are accepting his words as authority; we here at SAID Radio have decided to make this an ongoing segment that will now be known as “Thus Saith the Rick.”


What has Rick Warren been up to this time? It seems he has decided to take a stab at his critics, the scourge of the internet underworld: the Bloggers.

A little bit of history on the bloggers. They once came to and fro before the presence of Rick Warren and obeyed his every words until one day Chris Rosebrough, ArchPirate of the Saddleback host opened up his Bible and read it's words aloud to everyone present. It became apparent that Rick's Words did not match with what was being said in this Holy Book and Chris decided to post up an article on the internet and start an audio podcast. Infuriated, Rick Warren cast him out of Saddleback and a third of the host followed him. These have been reserved for everlasting darkness in their mother's basement's chained to a beanbag with an endless supply of Cheetos at their side.

Ok, that's not really what happened, but you get the point. 

 Frequently, Rick's tweets get retweeted by thousands of people who take what he says almost if it was Scripture itself. At the time of this writing, this tweet has received 709 retweets and has been favorited 271 times. A lot of influence there. But are Rick's accusations correct? It seems that the most common accusation against bloggers is that all they do is sit around in front of their computers criticizing people rather than going out in society living as Biblical examples before a fallen world. There's two problems with this, one is that these accusations are not true, and secondly is that Rick in an effort to prove himself seems to flaunt his own self righteousness anywhere he can. Let's look at the latter:

Rick Warren would no doubt list his accomplishments. He has sold several best sellers that help churches and people find their “Purpose” in life. He has shoveled thousands (maybe even millions) of dollars into his P.E.A.C.E. plan to help the poor and needy of this world, and even gone to nations in Africa. Not wanting to stop at “Purpose Driven” people or churches, his plan is to eventually have “Purpose Driven Nations.” (One World Purpose Driven Nation of Anti-Christ perhaps?)  His most recent endeavors have been making sure that Americans stop being a bunch of lazy fat slobs by adhering to “biblical” principles (Daniel Plan) and also building bridges with Muslims. All in all, Rick seems like a very good man, very humanitarian, very (dare I say) righteous. While I have never met Rick in person, most everyone who has says that he is a very nice and pleasant man to meet. I'm quite sure its true!

But is Rick Warren actually doing "good"? Is Rick Warren really giving us a godly and moral example to follow? Jesus talks about people who are hypocrites; people who look good on the outside, but are actually corrupt on the inside. To the Pharisees he said:
“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. (Matthew 23:27)

The Pharisees, wanting to please men, would show everyone all the accomplishments they did, they would blow trumpets when they were about to pray or tithe money. They wanted the glory of men rather than the glory of God. Now, many of you may say, “You can't judge Rick Warren's heart!” Sure, but God also says in His Word that "(...)out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:3) Update:Here's are a few links showing Rick's boasting: 

Now, I'm not going to go into all detail of what Rick has said or done, there have been plenty of other blogs on that, I'll try to post some links at the bottom of the page and let you; the reader, do the research. But let me just say that as long as I've watched Rick (which isn't hard to do, he's a popular figure) I rarely hear him share the Gospel. In fact, when presented with several opportunities to share with people that need Jesus the most (Jews and Muslims) he was silent when it came to Christ dying for their sins to save them from the fires of hell and God's judgment! Many times I have heard him twist Scripture, even twisting Isaiah 53 and making it about us rather than about Jesus Christ. I mean, the man somehow found a weight reduction plan in the book of Daniel and even the secular media was up to the ruse. Rick Warren has blatantly lied when it came to his stance on same-sex marriage. Rather than standing up for the truth, he shied away from the issue when it was apparent that there would be a backlash against him. It is apparent that every time he gets to speak to a group of people that he caters to their beliefs rather than telling them the truth. Sadly, I can only say that such a man is a lover of praise of men, rather than the praise of God (Galatians 1:10).

It was the Pharisees that claimed to be righteous while they criticized Christ for eating and drinking with sinners, unaware of the fact that the spotless Lamb of God was in human form right in front of them. Yet, rather than accepting the sacrifice for sins that God Himself had provided, they instead chose to indulge in their own works and prove themselves worthy to God. (You can't read: Ephesians 2:8-9.) Rick Warren's comments undermine the Gospel. We don't do good works to prove our salvation, we do it because we are saved (Ephesians 2:10). We love God and so therefore we obey His commandments (John 15:10-14).

I don't claim to be righteous of my own accord (Isaiah 64:6). Christ has done that work for me already (Romans 4:22-24). But like Paul in 2 Corinthians 11, I want to boast. Paul was falsely accused of not being an Apostle, of not doing the work of the ministry; and because of this he brought out all his cards and laid them on the table. “You want to boast, then let me boast.” Same thing here, I do not want to boast because I am anything, but because Rick Warren has chosen to falsely accuse us “bloggers” who seemingly don't lead by example. 

 You see, Mike and I don't live anywhere near our mothers (actually there is no basement to be found under their houses). Mike is married, and neither of us; sadly, own beanbags. (I'll be honest, they are quite comfortable.)  Also, I really really really hate Cheetos, though I do enjoy the hot ones from time to time. As for not being a good examples, we have to obey what James tells us when he says that "faith without works is dead". (James 2:18)  We can't claim to be good examples if we don't actually do anything.  So on top of our blogging we help out at our church teaching the youth.  Mike is actually the youth pastor, and I am a worship leader who works with the audio/media in the church.  We are actively involved here with evangelism and a lot more ministries and activities that are numerous to list.

In fact, one of the current activities is our "Bible Bootcamp" where we are teaching the youth good solid doctrine for two weeks! Weeeeee! On top of that, our church has some "Work Parties" where we go to help clean the church and do some maintenance work. The information shared concerning us is not to boast in us but to show that we do in fact lead by example and are not just "talk" but also "walk".  I know it is hard to believe so we took pictures as proof:

Here is me with my broom sweeping away wickedness in front of the cross of Christ!

In case you don't think I'm working, we took a closeup of my shirt: (The wages of Christ is eternal life, in case you didn't know. Wages of sin though...DEATH!!!)

Here is Mike and I doing some landscaping:

Mike plunging the depths:

Mike removing the filth of the flesh:

Me cleaning out the SAID Radio booth:

We aren't the only bloggers who lead by example!  We have blogger James Joseph Fire from http://www.fromthemindoffire.blogspot.com wrote this to us:

"I am active in the church I attend. I host a Saturday night prayer group (here at the house, but affiliated with The House of Truth Fellowship and am called upon to teach occasionally, either Sunday service or the Saturday night Bible study. I also am a sponsor for Compassion International and Gospel For Asia."

From blogger and researcher Jewel Grewe of http://www.discernment-ministries.org/

"I am a grandmother of six and was a missionary in Africa for 12 years.  I met my first husband there who was a missionary also.  We came to the States and pastored two Assembly of God churches in Michigan. I worked as a "paralegal" at a law firm for over ten years to help support the family. My husband died of cancer in 1995 and I remarried in 2000. My husband now is in research. I continued working until my children were finished with University. Last year my husband went to teach in Zimbabwe for a year in a University there. I helped get a Bible School going for a indigenous church there that had 120 pastors and growing congregations with no Bible School. We worked on establishing an interactive school using modules and teachers coming to do seminars from time to time with 50 modules when the course is completed."

Jewel also informed me about the Theological College of South Africa which her ministry is a part of.  Their Facebook page can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/TheologicalCollegeOfSouthernAfrica

If you are a blogger, and you venture out of the darkness of your mother's basement once in a while, then send us a picture of yourself doing the Lord's work!  It'd be great to see what other ministries we are all involved in.  Who knows, maybe we'll send the compilation to Rick Warren and show him that we actually do lead by example.  

-Sergio Martinez
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For more information on Rick Warren's false teaching / concerns check out these links:


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  1. Just an observation..and this argument can go round and round... You're saying Rick Warren is a lover of men and not of God because he'll talk about his works (which you just did about yourselves). You said he'll be the first to list his accomplishments (but you listed other people's links about his accomplishments). I'm not a fan of Rick Warren either but please give glory to God and not bash on men on you think you're above.

  2. God bless, dear anonymous we thank you for your post. We do point you to read the article in its entirety in light of the Tweet Rick had posted. Even though your accusation is that we are guilty of doing the same thing, please keep in mind we are simply showing that we do live lives that are glorifying to God. This demonstrates that contrary to Rick's post bloggers do lead by example. For an example of Rick boasting read the full article links are provided. We did not once claim that we are above anyone and we do in fact give glory to God.