Saturday, August 25, 2012

Greg Laurie's Harvest America: Royal Route To Heaven, Rick Warren & The Message

  As saddening as it may come to some, we are strongly encouraging our audience of readers to not partake or invite your friends to Greg Laurie's "Harvest America". I have no problem acknowledging that I've heard him preach an unwatered Gospel message (dealing with sin, repentance, Christ crucified buried and rising again and His return.). This might have many of you wondering then: Why discourage the participation? What may come as a surprise to some readers is the fact that Greg Laurie is planning on speaking at a conference with these guys:

From left to right (Row 1): Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, Lecrae, Nick Vujicic
                    (Row 2) Miles McPherson, James Macdonald, Craig Groeschel and Mark Driscoll

  A man like Greg Laurie who is well known (Harvest America boasts it will reach 5 million people)  is encouraging many people to tune in to hear the Gospel for "Harvest America" and will then in a month and a half  introduce some possible new believers and many of his already followers to the likes of these men to help them with spiritual growth:

Rick Warren: For extensive information on our concerns with Rick Warren please visit these sites:

Lecrae - Many Christians enjoy his Christian rap but unfortunately he has found himself taking part in some very dangerous practices :

Miles McPherson

James Macdonald -

Craig Groeschel -

Mark Driscoll -

I don't know about you but anybody who seriously reads through any of these links will see the errors of these individuals. I strongly encourage you to pray for them and those they are leading that they will repent and not lead these people astray. Pray that Greg Laurie will turn from these things. As of this point and time I cannot encourage people- no matter saved or unsaved- to take part in an event with someone willing to compromise and lead God's precious sheep to a pack of wolves.

Here are a few other concerns I had about Greg Laurie's mens study group:

Found in the Harvest Men's study "The Royal Route to Heaven"
in "Studies in 1 Corinthians and Ephesians
Ephesians 2"

There is a quote and a recommendation for Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" found on this PDF, here's the recommendation:


As with every single one of these studies found on the Harvest website, they list "The Message" as being a "thought-for-thought" translation.

 There are a number of errors found within the pages of "The Message" with heavy new age overtones and yet so many seminaries present it as a legitimate "thought for thought" translation. This is what Eugene Peterson said about "The Message" from a Christianity Today quote from October 10, 2009
 "When I'm in a congregation where somebody uses [The Message] in the Scripture reading, it makes me a little uneasy. I would never recommend it be used as saying, "Hear the Word of God from The Message." But it surprises me how many do."

I've heard Greg Laurie quote from "The Message" even though I personally heard him only state that he was reading from a "modern translation". This is still very dangerous, understand the issues with "The Message":

We will chime in on the concerns with the Resurgence on a podcast prior to the event. Once again I strongly encourage you the reader to please be discerning and consider the side-effects / dangers of encouraging people to take part in "Harvest America" unfortunately in light of where Greg Laurie is headed.

It's very important that you clearly understand that the inclusion of any guest interviewed on SAID radio or any link from anywhere within or web site does not necessarily imply our endorsement of that ministry, resource, or organization featured regarding anything that it does or teaches. The only endorsement that is worthwhile is that which is in alignment with biblical truth. It's our position that we can agree or disagree with you, you can agree or disagree with us, but only so far as it agrees or disagrees with God's Word.
Whilst recognizing the good fruit from linked sites or special guests, we cannot vouch for their every belief. As with all things in this world, the onus is upon you to check out each site and to exercise spiritual discretion, testing everything (even us) against the Word of God (1 Thes. 5:21)

- Michael-Anthony Rene Chavez


  1. dont forget about James McDonalds recent promotion of word of faith/modalist TD JAKES. TD Jakes who recently not just shared a stage with Oprah Winfrey and new agers like Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins on her OWN network, James also thought it fine to join TD Jakes and Oprah at Jakes self glorification of his 35 years in ministry "celebration" Where does this lunacy end?

  2. It is sad to see how such a beautiful message as the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ can be so muddied! When Paul preached at Mars Hill he did not ask the popular religious leaders of his day to join him in hopes of drawing more of a crowd. If we're invited to share, no matter where, may it always be the pure, unadulterated Gospel that bring eternal life!

  3. Thank God for Saidradio posting this expose on Rick Warren and the fact that Greg Laurie promotes him. (So does Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, and John Piper). Piper says those of us who exposed Warren's Purpose Driven Life are slanderers. Yet to date has not supplied a shred of proof, so must be marked!

    I have written two books exposing Rick Warren and his path of destruction. Our website is:


      James Sundquist response:

      I have done my homework on this. I know Deborah Dombrowski, Director of Lighthouse Trails, extremely well. John Collins has thrown her under the bus, but I will not. Deborah's article is extremely accurate. If Greg Laurie used any funds in Harvest Ministries to invest in Rick Warren's programs, he would be misleading his donor base, who have given Harvest Ministries money believing it would be properly used to fund the real Gospel vs. another gospel that Rick Warren promulgates. On top of this, Greg Laurie is participating in an event without warning unsuspecting saints or even giving a disclaimer against Warren's false teachings and exploitative programs that destroy the brethren! As a pastor, Greg Laurie is required to be a good steward of the money he is entrusted with, NOT PARTNERING WITH FALSE TEACHERS. But he is unaccountable to his donors. He simply can overrule them and dismiss anyone that opposes him. Those Calvary Chapel pastors and members who are opposed to Rick Warren's teachings hopefully will step up to the plate and oppose Greg Laurie for even the appearance of supporting Rick Warren's materials. The founder and head of all Calvary Chapels, Chuck Smith, Sr., even issued a statement that anyone disseminating Rick Warren teachings and materials could no longer be called a Calvary Chapel. Thank God there is at least one church in New York City that has bravely and publicly opposed Greg Laurie's scheme and that is Heritage Baptist Church, website:

      I am now therefore compelled to spend the rest of the summer helping my colleague in the Northeast stop him from importing Warren's PDC plague and Ken Blanchard's into our own backyard: