Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Interview With Pastor Bunjee Garrett: Christian Music Series

God bless, check out our Interview with Pastor Bunjee Garrett of Calvary South (, Austin as we start a segment that will deal with "Christian Music" as Pastor Bunjee has a past in the Christian music scene and had confronted the error of Phillips, Craig and Dean. Listen in and enjoy.

Click here to listen or right click to save an mp3 of our interview:
Our Interview With Pastor Bunjee Garrett: Christian Music Series

-To discover more about some of these artist please visit our article: "Hillsong Conference 2012: More about us, less about Jesus?" (does not include include info on Phillips, Craig and Dean)

-For more information on the errors with "The Message Bible" check these great sites out: 

- Before any questions flood in, we do not have a problem with quoting John MacArthur (We might disagree with him in some areas but we believe him to be a great brother who stands up for the truth of God's word) (No offense towards Pastor Bunjee, but to clarify to our audience. Please read bottom of page.)

 Intro song to interview is "Too Cool" by Huguenots. To read lyrics to this and other songs click on picture below.

It's very important that you clearly understand that the inclusion of any guest interviewd on SAID radio or any link from anywhere within or web site does not necessarily imply our endorsement of that ministry, resource, or organization featured regarding anything that it does or teaches. The only endorsement that is worthwhile is that which is in alignment with biblical truth. It's our position that we can agree or disagree with you, you can agree or disagree with us, but only so far as it agrees or disagrees with God's Word.
Whilst recognizing the good fruit from linked sites or special guests, we cannot vouch for their every belief. As with all things in this world, the onus is upon you to check out each site and to exercise spiritual discretion, testing everything (even us) against the Word of God (1 Thes. 5:21)

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  1. Blessed and challenged by this broadcast. I would say I don't agree with Pastor Bunjee regarding quoting some authors without using their names.

    Although I understand where he's coming from, I think it's better to be upfront with the people we're referencing. It helps the reader know quickly who the author's influences are. I'm sure we could find a few helpful things that Hitler said, but to site the originator tips the hand of the writer's alliances and influences. Regarding the bar tunes mentioned at the end of the broadcast, I've come across quite a few good articles that make a reasonable case for this being more of a Christian urban legend.

    Maybe you've covered this one, but I'd love to hear a biblical discussion about "secular" music in the Body of Christ. Keep standing firm on God's Word as you seek to tackle some of the tough issues of our times!