Monday, October 1, 2012

Brian Broderson on Muslims and Our Interview With Usama Dakdok

   Today we will be taking a look at an article by Brian Broderson Assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa titled "Christians, Mohammed, and Muslims". We will share some of our concerns with the article in the first part of this podcast and in the second part we read sections of the article to Usama Dakdok whose ministry focuses on evangelizing Muslims.

     Check out our Interview With Usama Dakdok of "The Straight Way of Grace Ministry"

Click here to listen or right click to save an mp3 of our interview:
Interview With Usama Dakdok

Usama Dakdok - Revealing The Truth Behind The Mohammed Movie (Above)

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  1. This was an excellent interview and I congratulate you on a fine job on this program. I am bookmarking this site and hope to hear more from you in the future.

  2. Usama is an excellent resource for the truth on current activities in the Middle East. People who want to be informed need to watch his movie.

    1. The LORD truly speaks through Usama with boldness! Praise GOD!