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Richard Rohr & Franciscan Mysticism: Watch Out For the Mystics!

   Today's article takes us into the mysticism of Richard Rohr a Franciscan priest ( founding director of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico) that will be holding a conference advertised as below:

 One could ask "what's the significance of Mr. Rohr?" in which I would answer his role in influencing the emergent church with leaders such as Rob Bell (Click here (1) to read Ken Silva's article dealing with this.) And he is promoted via Brian McLaren. (Don't believe click here: )

 When Rohr states the word "contemplation" in his school he does in fact mean contemplative prayer Click here for more on contemplative prayer (2)

 In fact this is found under the CAC (Center for Action and Contemplation) "About" section:

It openly labels Richard Rohr as running an ecumenical ministry and states "The CAC staff is dedicated to the universal awakening of people", and finally as they state their curriculum bears witness to the christian tradition of contemplative practice and compassionate action.(

Even worse is what one reads on the "Mission & Vision" page:

  This talk of a "new reformation" is not new jargon, check out this article on the "new reformation" here (3) Also take note of the "Cosmic Christ" concept, which is extremely New Age (click here (4) for a great article dealing with this). In fact this is very ecumenical as one can read.


 As anyone can read through and see the dangerous things Rohr is promoting. Claiming the teaching of Jesus to be the "central reference point" and eventually leading those visiting to their "True Self". Rohr repeatedly departs from the scriptures and instead clings on to mysticism.

The conference as mentioned has a tag line (seen below) "I AM That Which I am seeking". The emphasis on "I AM" is a popular buzzword among much of the "New Agers" in order to claim they are god. Who can claim that they focus on the teachings of Jesus and yet proclaim such a thing?

 Please pray for people getting caught up in mysticism. So many get so caught up in "church history" that they claim that the mystics were as much christian as any other. Sorry but the Bible will remain to be my plumbline to test truth out. Mysticism is very dangerous. Be on the look out for our interview with Ray Youngen on mysticism. I would encourage you to not attend not only to save your money ($225 - $325 per person) but also your soul. Let's pray that these people will turn away from these things and turn to Jesus and Hid word.

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2 - Christine Pack, " The Dangers of Contemplative Prayer", May 2, 2012,

3 - Roger Oakland, "The Great Emergence: A Reformation Every 500 Years?",  May 3rd, 2008,

4 - Ron Rhodes, "The Christ of the New Age Movement: Part One in a Two-Part Series on New Age Christology",  An article from the Christian Research Journal, Summer 1989, page 9,

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