Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Building Bad Bridges: Chuck Smith, Mark Driscoll, Greg Laurie

It is a sad day to have to report and show this to everyone:

Let me start this off by saying we do not know what was talked about during their breakfast together.  All we know is that there was a meeting between these three. Please take note that it was Greg Laurie that helped make this happen. Why is this of any importance you may ask? Because you can also credit Greg Laurie for the Rick Warren invite a few years back to his Harvest crusade.We share these concerns about Greg Laurie:
  • Concerns about Harvest America 2012 in light of "The Resurgence":

  • An in-depth look at our concerns about the speakers at "The Resurgence (includes audio qoutes etc):

  • Greg has been contacted and chooses not to withdraw his endorsement from a book that encourages necromancy:

Mark Driscoll and Greg Laurie need no introduction as we have covered them before on this blog (see above).  Greg Laurie is obviously a well known figure in Calvary Chapels and more and more he is becoming well known among other denominations as a "great evangelist".  (Click here to see what Mark Driscoll thinks of Greg Laurie).

Things you should know about Mark Driscoll (please pray he will repent of these ungodly/unbiblical things): 

1.) Obsession with sex (we are warned about this stuff 2 Peter 2:18-19)

2.) He has some very alarming audio: The pornographic vision and his talking to demons, listen to audio here.

3.) Mark Driscoll's Death bus

4.)  He totally distorts scripture by allowing his Calvinistic views to say that Noah was not a righteous man and calls it a false Gospel, even though God is very clear in Genesis 7:1 "Then the Lord said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation." I stick with God's word over Driscoll's:

Unfortunately Chuck Smith is no longer running things as they once were as he ages. We do not discredit the aspects of Chuck's ministry that have been fruitful but at the same time he has concerned many with various things presented on "Pastor's Perspective" as well as some of these continual ties with guys like Driscoll that are being encouraged by guys like Brian Broderson, Greg Laurie and Bob Coy to name a few.

Skeptical about this? Watch the Vimeo video of this years recent Senior Pastor's Conference 2012 discussion panel: http://vimeo.com/43699608  At 24:26 "new Calvinism" is brought up which leads right into Mark Driscoll. The thing is Greg claims that most criticism is not based on fact and that people should talk to him about concerns. Not only myself but a few others have tried and he has refused to listen and in some cases ignored people to their face when approached in a loving manner. Our concern is about the facts. Chuck is also sitting in the front of this event as all three men openly endorse Mark Driscoll.

Anybody who knows the word of God should be concerned about this.
Please pray on as this is not something we take joy in having to share. The times are only getting darker, we need to be in our Word more and more. Our concern is for God's precious sheep, we share this information so you can understand the concerns we have and hopefully help warn others.

- Sergio Martinez & Michael-Anthony Rene Chavez

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