Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brian, Nicky, Bono & Alpha

Why is Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa's Pastor Brian Broderson re-tweeting Alpha Course pioneer Nicky Gumbel, especially when he is quoting U2's Bono?

Let's take a look: Who exactly is Nicky Gumbel?

For those not familiar with the "Alpha Course" I point you to these great resources that detail the concerns:

-  (This link will take you to a list of articles by Ken Silva)

To read a list of people who endorse the Alpha Course click below:

As anyone can read via Nicky's bio or any of the articles listed above that Nicky is credited with pioneering this movement. So we have to ask why would Brian Broderson introduce his followers on Twitter to a guy like Nicky? We encourage you to please pray that Brian will not go down the dangers road of the "Alpha Course". It has been suggested that Brian Broderson has worked with Nicky Gumbel but at this point and time this can not be confirmed.

In light of the Bono's quote: Unfortunately many naive Christians have believed that Bono was a Christian. For those who are skeptical about our concern with Bono, please consider this clip from Joe Schimmel's "They Sold Their Sold For Rock N Roll":

Please pray for Bono and those in U2 that they will repent of these things.

We have shared our concerns about Brian's statement about Muslims in our interview with Usama Dadok here:

Anybody willing to review the links listed will see this is bigger than a simple quote re-tweeted. I wonder how many people were introduced to Nicky Gumbel via this Tweet. Twitter might seem petty but when you start seeing the numbers of people reading these things you can see how easily a cancer can spread.

"And their message will spread like cancer.
- 2 Timothy 2:17a

As we have shared in the past both Sergio and I have came out of Calvary Chapels. We are not saying all of them are bad but we are wanting to bring to light things taking place within the movement that should have any Bible believing Christian concerned. Please don't forget to pray for these people. Our heart is to see men like Brian turn away from pointing God's precious sheep to a man like Nicky Gumbel's "Alpha Course". Please pray that Nicky Gumbel will turn away from the "Alpha Course" instead let us just stick with the word of the Lord.

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." - Romans 10:17

- Michael-Anthony Rene Chavez

It's very important that you clearly understand that the inclusion of any guest interviewed on SAID Radio or any link from anywhere within or web site does not necessarily imply our endorsement of that ministry, resource, or organization featured regarding anything that it does or teaches. The only endorsement that is worthwhile is that which is in alignment with biblical truth. It's our position that we can agree or disagree with you, you can agree or disagree with us, but only so far as it agrees or disagrees with God's Word.
Whilst recognizing the good fruit from linked sites or special guests, we cannot vouch for their every belief. As with all things in this world, the onus is upon you to check out each site and to exercise spiritual discretion, testing everything (even us) against the Word of God (1 Thes. 5:21)

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